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female job vacancy in government

In today’s progressive society, the pursuit of gender equality extends into every sector, including employment. Female job vacancies in government sectors play a crucial role in fostering inclusivity and diversity within administrative bodies. These opportunities not only empower women but also contribute to a more balanced and representative workforce. 

Moreover, staying updated on these vacancies is now easier than ever, thanks to the Jijaji app. By accessing this platform, individuals can receive real-time notifications about the latest job openings, along with detailed information about educational qualifications and selection processes. This article aims to delve deeper into the realm of female job vacancies in government, shedding light on the opportunities available and the pathways to pursuing them. 

Let’s embark on this journey to unlock a world of career possibilities and empowerment for women.

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Advantages of Government Jobs for Women in India

Work-Life Balance: According to a survey by the Wall Street Journal in 2013, 70% of women in India consider work-life balance crucial for career success, compared to only 40% of men. Government jobs, with fixed hours and generous leave policies, help women maintain this balance. Some PSU banks, like SBI, also offer work-from-home options.

Special Provisions: The government encourages women’s employment in the public sector by providing fee exemptions and age relaxations for various job exams, including the SSC.

Maternity Benefits: Government offices typically offer at least 6 months of paid maternity leave, with railways even granting up to two years in total. This is more generous than the 3 months often offered by private-sector jobs.

Equal Opportunities and Salaries: Women in the government sector enjoy handsome salaries and equal growth opportunities. Unlike the private sector, promotions are based on merit and long-term benefits, ensuring women can advance in their careers based on performance.

Overall, government jobs offer numerous advantages for women in India, making them an attractive option for many.

Here’s a list of the top 10 female job vacancy in government, along with brief descriptions:

S.No Job VacancyDescription
1.UPSC Civil ServicesWomen can pursue various roles in the civil service, including the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and Indian Foreign Service (IFS), among others. These positions involve diverse responsibilities in governance and administration.
2.Defence ServicesWomen have opportunities to join the armed forces through various entry schemes, such as the Short Service Commission (SSC) and the Women Special Entry Scheme (WSES), serving in roles like officers, pilots, and technical staff.
Government schools, colleges, and universities offer numerous teaching positions for women across subjects and levels, providing opportunities for imparting knowledge and shaping young minds.
4.BankingPublic sector banks, like the State Bank of India (SBI), recruit women for various roles such as Probationary Officers (PO), Clerks, and Specialist Officers (SO), offering stability and growth prospects in the financial sector.
5.RailwaysIndian Railways offers employment opportunities for women in roles such as station masters, ticketing agents, and railway protection force personnel, contributing to the efficient operation of the country’s transportation system.
6.Healthcare ServicesWomen can pursue careers in government hospitals, clinics, and public health departments as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals, addressing critical healthcare needs in communities.
7.Social Welfare:
Government agencies and departments focused on social welfare and development hire women for roles such as social workers, counselors, and program coordinators, working towards the betterment of society’s marginalised groups.
8.JudiciaryWomen can serve as judges, magistrates, and judicial officers in the Indian judiciary, upholding justice and the rule of law across various courts and tribunals at the district, state, and national levels
9.Public AdministrationGovernment departments and ministries recruit women for administrative roles such as secretaries, administrative officers, and assistants, facilitating the smooth functioning of government operations and services.
10.Research and DevelopmentWomen have opportunities to engage in research and development initiatives in government laboratories, research institutes, and scientific organisations, contributing to advancements in various fields such as science, technology, and innovation.

These job openings offer diverse opportunities for women to contribute to nation-building and serve the public interest across various sectors and domains of governance.

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Eligibility criteria

  • Education qualification

Eligibility for the various government posts for women in terms of educational qualification is as follows, go through the table to check the details : 

Before you try to get a job, make sure to download and read the notice from our official website or Jijaji App. Check if you meet all the requirements

  • Age limit 

In India, government job age requirements vary by position, department, and candidate category. Here are the general guidelines:

  • Minimum Age: Most roles require candidates to be at least 18 years old, though some specialised positions have higher minimum age requirements.
  • Maximum Age: Varies by candidate category; for general candidates, it’s typically 30 to 35 years for entry-level roles. Relaxations apply to categories like SCs, STs, OBCs, EWS, PWDs, ex-servicemen, widows, divorced women, and women judicially separated from their husbands, subject to government policies.

Candidates should refer to official recruitment notifications for specific age requirements, as these may change based on government regulations.

Salary Package

A list of the salary packages of the top 10 government jobs in India for women is listed below: 

S.NoJob title Average Salary (per annum)
1.Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer₹70,000 – ₹2,00,000
2.Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Officer₹70,000 – ₹2,00,000
3.Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer₹70,000 – ₹2,00,000
4.Public Sector Bank Manager₹50,000 – ₹1,50,000
5.University Professor₹50,000 – ₹1,50,000
6.State Civil Services Officer₹40,000 – ₹1,50,000
7.Government Doctor₹40,000 – ₹1,50,000
8.Government Nurse₹30,000 – ₹1,20,000
9.Central Government Clerk₹20,000 – ₹80,000
10.Government School Teacher₹30,000 – ₹1,20,000

The salary packages mentioned are approximate and may vary based on various factors, such as seniority, location, and allowances.

The selection process

The process of selection for the top government job for women Vacancies are divided into three phases. Initially, candidates will undergo a written examination conducted by the board to assess their eligibility for different positions. Those who pass this written test will then proceed to the next phases, which include document verification and a medical examination. The complete selection process update is available through our Jijaji app. 

The three phases of the selection process are as follows:

2. Document Verification (DV): After passing the written examination, candidates’ documents, such as educational certificates, identification proofs, and other necessary paperwork, will be verified to ensure authenticity.

1. Written Examination: This is the first stage where candidates’ knowledge and skills relevant to the positions are evaluated through a written test.

3. Medical Examination: The final phase involves a medical examination to assess the physical fitness and health of the candidates, ensuring they meet the required standards for the job roles.

Only candidates who successfully clear all these phases will be considered eligible for employment opportunities within the various positions available in the government sector for women.

Application process

Follow these steps to apply for the top government job for women: 

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Visit the official website. Or you can use our Jijaji application to get guidance on the application process. 

  • Go to the “Career” section and fill in all the required details.
  • After that, upload the scanned copies of the required documents.
  • After uploading, pay the application fee and submit it properly.
  • Now, the registration will be done successfully.
  • Take a printout of the registration form. form.form.

A quick way to fill out the form is by using the JIJA-JI app on Google Play. You only need to enter your details once, and then the app fills out the form for you with just one click.

Tips for success 

Here’s a simple guide to help you prepare well:

1. Know the exam.

Understand the exam pattern, sections, duration, and marking.

Check the syllabus provided by the official websites, or you can get it from the Jija Ji app. 

2. Get study materials.

Collect textbooks, past papers, and online resources.

Make sure your materials are up-to-date.

3. Plan your study.

Create a schedule covering all subjects and topics.

Break study sessions into smaller parts and set goals.

4. Focus on the basics. 

Strengthen your understanding of maths, reasoning, awareness, and English.

Give extra attention to important topics and weak areas.

5. Practice regularly.

Solve practice questions and papers often.

Practice with previous papers to get used to the exam format.

6. Manage your time. 

practice answering questions within time limits.

Learn strategies to manage time during the exam.

7. Stay up-to-date.

Keep up with current events, both local and global.

Read news and reliable sources to stay informed.

8. Take mock tests.

Do full-length mock tests to simulate the real exam.

Analyse your performance to adjust your study plan.

9. Review regularly.

Revise topics frequently to reinforce learning.Candidates can get post-wise notifications on our Jijaji application because of its user-friendly interface, easily browse through countless job listings and apply with just one click, or visit the official website.

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